“In a world that can’t stop, it is time to step back, stop the noise + submerge in tranquility. This season rests its attention on the inner workings of the mind, as it seeks out + pursues sheer, untainted silence.”


the project

Inspired by the Forecasted trend Quietude, this window display was a collaboration between my creative muses Amanda, Nikita + I. Quietude is about serenity, peace + how nature enters the home to be decorative + functional. Whether it is by using flowers as central decorative pieces to interior spaces + tabletops, or infusing hints of bark leaves into surfaces + materials.


Terrariums: CB2 /// Flooring: Home Depot /// Frames, Faux Plants, Vases: Michael’s /// Wardrobe: A&J
Clothing Rack: Handmade by Amanda’s Dad /// Jewelry: Handmade by Précindy Colas


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